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Gea Franklin

“A former principal dancer for Strong Wind Wild Horses, one of Seattle’s preeminent modern dance companies, Gea danced professionally with spirit & passion while very focused on the technical & classical elements of dance. Having studied, danced & performed with many master choreographers & teachers, including (Bill Evans of the Bill Evans Dance Company, Clay Taliaferro of the Jose Limon Dance Company, Shirley Jenkins of Strong Wind Wild Horses, Kitty Daniels, Chairwoman of Cornish School of the Arts, Pat Graney, Wade Madsen, Rip Taylor, Cara Garganna of the Cara Garganna Dance Troupe and CW Post Long Island, NY University, and many more fabulous mentors, teachers and choreographers.


Gea is excited to share her love, knowledge & experience of dance & movement. After dancing professionally for many Blessed years, Gea, turned her attention to rock climbing, where she became a professional & competitive  climber, ranking in the top 5 for American women. Having danced and climbed throughout America & Europe for over 2 decades, Gea now makes her home in Nederland, Colorado with her husband & two children.

Gea is a certified dance teacher for Planet Motion, Soul Sweat & GROOV3!

Falling in love with these fantabulous dance styles in the early 2000's (after spending years as a professional modern dancer and pro rock climber), Gea immersed herself into these awesome dance vibes & became certified to teach all 3 styles. "Teaching dance is one of the greatest honors & experiences of my life. To share the gifts of dance in a supportive, super fun environment is a true blessing. I am committed to alignment based dance, while also encouraging everyone to dance their passion, free their mind, & hips & express their hearts & souls! Uplifting body, mind & spirit, with acceptance is my motivation. And I love to dance!" 

Planet Motion™ 

Planet Motion™ encourages you to express yourself through movement and to seek out your urban dance tribe. Planet Motion was created by dance fitness veteran, Kendra Howard, of Boulder, Colorado.


Classes mix a wide variety of music including pop, Middle Eastern, African, Latin, hip-hop, funk, jazz and contemporary instrumentals. Easy-to-follow dance choreography and moderate-to-high-intensity cardio and muscle toning make this class perfect for a range of fitness levels.


Each class flows on a bell curve of intensity, beginning with moving meditation and progressing into a funky dance party that is sure to get your booty shaking and ultimately, rock your world!


Break into ecstatic movement and unbridled soul expression!  An exhilarating dance experience developed by Chantal Peirat, SoulSweat enhances coordination, tones your body, increases your dynamic flow of energy, and awakens your creative spirit. 


Free your self-expression with the wildest barefoot dance workout of your life! Gea Franklin is a certified SoulSweat teacher and as all teachers, has her own delightful interpretation!


GROOV3 is  a hip hop inspired dance class that's accessible to everyone! And, a place where you DANCE, SWEAT & LIVE far beyond your workout.


The mission is to inspire change and build a global community through the power of dance, supporting the idea that dance should be accessible to all.


We actively build these connections because we see how the potent benefits of dance can change individuals, communities, and in fact the world. This is the spirit of our grass-roots initiative, the GROOV3MENT.

Learn more about GROOV3

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